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Healthy Option

In days gone by, food full of fat and oils was the diet of choice in order to generate the energy required for the daily demands of life. Nowadays, with our ever changing and increasingly luxurious lifestyle, our dietary needs have changed and together with increased knowledge, we are all seeking a more healthy option.

Doctors and nutritionists

Doctors and nutritionists now recommend the intake of healthy foods, low in fat and full of nutrients and vitamins to fuel a healthy mind and body. It is now widely acknowledged that fried food is not to be classed as healthy and has been proven to contribute to life threatening problems including heart disease and blood pressure problems.

Welcome to GRILLER®

In 2003 after extensive research and product development, GRILLER® was introduced into the UK market – a new and exciting concept offering all the flavor of FRIED STYLE CHICKEN ™ without the frying! This pioneering concept of tasty, yet healthy fast food took the market by storm. As raw chicken contains 60% meat and 40% fat, our innovative and unique cooking system burns out the fat, giving all the taste of the ever-popular fried chicken WITHOUT the frying!

This is the secret behind our success – FRIED STYLE CHICKEN with all of the succulent flavor and none of the grease.

At the same time GRILLER® are proud to have introduced its Peri Peri Chicken, another pioneering product, to the market.

So popular was the concept that in 2005 GRILLER® took the decision to offer its proven business opportunity to others by franchising the brand GRILLER® now operates outlets throughout the United Kingdom and Dubai. There is ever increasing interest in numerous countries worldwide, with plans being progressed for further international expansion daily.